Project Generation Options

project_name [project_name]:
Your human-readable project name, including any capitalization or spaces.
project_slug [project_name]:
The slug of your project, without dashes or spaces. Used to name your repo and in other places where a Python-importable version of your project name is needed.
author_name [Your Name]:
You! This goes into places like the LICENSE file.
email [Your email]:
Your email address.
description [A short description of the project.]
Used in the generated README.rst and other places.
domain_name []
Whatever domain name you plan to use for your project when it goes live.
version [0.1.0]
The starting version number for your project.
timezone [UTC]
Used in the base settings file for the TIME_ZONE value.
use_whitenoise [y]
Whether to use WhiteNoise for static file serving.
use_celery [n]
Whether to use Celery. This gives you the ability to use distributed task queues in your project.
use_mailhog [n]
Whether to use MailHog. MailHog is a tool that simulates email receiving for development purposes. It runs a simple SMTP server which catches any message sent to it. Messages are displayed in a web interface which runs at http://localhost:8025/ You need to download the MailHog executable for your operating system, see the ‘Developing Locally’ docs for instructions.
use_sentry_for_error_reporting [n]
Whether to use Sentry to log errors from your project.
use_opbeat [n]
Whether to use Opbeat for preformance monitoring and code optimization.
use_pycharm [n]
Adds support for developing in PyCharm with a preconfigured .idea directory.
windows [n]
Whether you’ll be developing on Windows.
use_docker [y]
Whether to use Docker, separating the app and database into separate containers.
use_heroku [n]
Add configuration to deploy the application to a Heroku instance.
use_compressor [n]
Use Django Compressor to minify and combine rendered JavaScript and CSS into cachable static resources.
js_task_runner [1]

Select a JavaScript task runner. The choices are:

  1. Gulp
  2. Grunt
  3. None
custom_bootstrap_compilation [n]
Scaffold out recompiling Bootstrap as as task, with Gulp or Grunt. Useful for letting you change Bootstrap variables in real time. Consult project README for more details.
open_source_license [1]

Select a software license for the project. The choices are:

  1. MIT
  2. BSD
  3. GPLv3
  4. Apache Software License 2.0
  5. Not open source

NOTE: If you choose to use Docker, selecting a JavaScript task runner is not supported out of the box.