This page contains some advice about errors and problems commonly encountered during the development of Cookiecutter Django applications.

  1. project_slug must be a valid Python module name or you will have issues on imports.

  2. jinja2.exceptions.TemplateSyntaxError: Encountered unknown tag 'now'.: please upgrade your cookiecutter version to >= 1.4 (see #528)

  3. Internal server error on user registration: make sure you have configured the mail backend (e.g. Mailgun) by adding the API key and sender domain

    If your email server used to send email isn’t configured properly (Mailgun by default), attempting to send an email will cause an Internal Server Error.

    By default, django-allauth is setup to have emails verifications mandatory, which means it’ll send a verification email when an unverified user tries to log-in or when someone tries to sign-up.

    This may happen just after you’ve setup your Mailgun account, which is running in a sandbox subdomain by default. Either add your email to the list of authorized recipients or verify your domain.

  4. New apps not getting created in project root: This is the expected behavior, because cookiecutter-django does not change the way that django startapp works, you’ll have to fix this manually (see #1725)