This project uses Sphinx documentation generator.

After you have set up to develop locally, run the following command from the project directory to build and serve HTML documentation:

$ make -C docs livehtml

If you set up your project to develop locally with docker, run the following command:

$ docker-compose -f local.yml up docs

Navigate to port 7000 on your host to see the documentation. This will be opened automatically at localhost for local, non-docker development.

Note: using Docker for documentation sets up a temporary SQLite file by setting the environment variable DATABASE_URL=sqlite:///readthedocs.db in docs/ to avoid a dependency on PostgreSQL.

Generate API documentation

Edit the docs files and project application docstrings to create your documentation.

Sphinx can automatically include class and function signatures and docstrings in generated documentation. See the generated project documentation for more examples.

Setting up ReadTheDocs

To setup your documentation on ReadTheDocs, you must

  1. Go to ReadTheDocs and login/create an account
  2. Add your GitHub repository
  3. Trigger a build

Additionally, you can auto-build Pull Request previews, but you must enable it.